A Celebration Of Salvation

You’re Invited

Join us on Easter Sunday 1 pm at Wickham Park Amphitheater
The time is scheduled so that it will not interfere with church commitments.

What’s it about?

It’s “A Celebration Of Salvation”. An outdoor worship service that includes a narrative drama that begins with the first day of the Passion Week and ends with the first Easter Morning.

Why go to a public park to do that?

To share and preserve the truth publicly about Easter being a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and to sow the seed of the love of God expressed through Christ as we tell the community the Easter story. We then give an alter call to receive Christ and to share a fellowship lunch that’s free to all after the service.

Is the Easter bunny & eggs banned from this event?

No. At 3pm we’ll have a huge Easter egg hunt. Over 3,000 eggs will be ready to be claimed.

Beloved, the Lord is blessing our outreaches as He has, “The Bible On Parade”, for 20 years. Hundreds attend each year. We’re in need of your help to accommodate what God is doing to reach out through these events.

Why should believers come and help with this?

Because at these events souls are saved and lives are touched with the love of God.

Please give us a call or send an email and let us know if you plan to be there and if you can serve in some way along side others in the body. Let us hear from you ASAP so that we’ll know whom we can count on.

You can also sow a seed towards the expenses, which includes: rentals, fried chicken, baked beans, roll and drinks that’s free to all. Also handouts for those who come forward to receive Christ, over 3,000 eggs, gift prizes, jump castles and so on.

Looking forward, in faith, to a great response from you, the body of Christ.
Servant Pastor Janna Hogan Forschino
pastorjanna@jitk.org www.jitk.org