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Stay With Me...My Love Do Not Betray Me...Saith The Lord

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May 10, 2011

The Word of the Lord to and Through Rev. Janna Hogan May 10, 2011
Released at Jesus Is The Key Church May 15, 2011

“Leave yourselves and your cares and come away with Me on the journey that narrows now

Too much of the world has come into the church and many are accepting what they are to reject

Come…and let us stay together more tightly now…least your ears be tickled with what seems to be energizing…and through your weariness in well doing…you too be carried away by doctrines of the present church…rather than be directed by My Word

What has come from unknown sources is a dilution unlike you have yet seen

Even the elect who were fastened to me…are beginning to show signs of neutrality…a loosening of their grip

What is not of Me…but made to sound like Me…is pollution and is intended to muddy the waters of Truth in the confused minds of many of My people

Contamination brings all forms of disease and the spreading of it will produce no good for anyone…including those who carry such deadly viruses…and say they are of Me

I will not allow the hearing ear and the heart that understands to be infiltrated without a warning from Me…saith the Lord

These are treacherous times

Role reversals have brought great confusion and the power to engage authority from each position for success…is no longer being delegated as it should be

I am the Lord Thy God who gives My people power to do as I say and to righteously invest what I have given to them…on My behalf

No one who stands positioned by their choosing to use a grant of My power according to My will and refuses to be harnessed to My will and their positioning…will have My power to perform My works

Stay with Me …My love

Give not up thy scared place with Me to others

Have One love…as I have for you

Do not betray Me…saith the Lord

Be instead among those who stayed with Me to the end

As it was…so shall it be…in the last days

See to it that you do not join in a betrayal of Me…and the Word of My Fathers will that My Spirit has left for you…through those anointed to draw a map and a roadway for you to follow

Lift thy right foot from the path that leads to the most despised position for created man to be found in

My beloved…do not betray Me

Sell Me not out for the love of the world…or to the desires of your untamed human heart

Be not as the wild unruly bush…be My flower…in the desert

Be My fragrance…with pure intoxication

Add nothing to what is pure…to work through temptation

Like a cool drink from the spring…where pure waters flow…
remain uncontaminated My love

I come to you to give you caution…to alert you…for My eye is ever on you …My beloved bride

Thy left foot…will follow the right

Go forth from all places and all means of contamination

I have told you…of the path of peace…and a simple life of faith

Do not make your lives harder…than life is now…My children

I am watching you…with love…with understanding and compassion

I am here to forgive and give all…a way back to the straight and narrow road

Lift up thy right foot and place it down on the path I have called you to

A path of love…a life to be lived obedient to the Truth…and your left foot and all that is in you…. in thoughts and intentions of your hearts…will follow

I am in you to lead you…follow Me…saith the Lord”.

My Plan Is Developing...I Am Developing You

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February 6, 2008

The Word of the Lord to and Through Rev. Janna Hogan February 6. 2008
Released at Jesus Is The Key Church February 10, 2008

“Sit now beside Me My child…for even now there are those who are all grown up…who have in times past laid aside their youth…they are once again returning to Me…as a child

There is a need for My strong arms around you…for My listening ear to hear your voice in childlike helplessness

Do not be afraid of this hour…and the measures that I am taking you through…to bring about a humbling under My mighty hand and under My care

I have a growth for you to come into…it is not like what you have known…trust Me…for…what I am about to do for you My people is beyond where you have been

My plan is developing…I am developing you

I will and I have taken over your growth and development when My set times for My will…can wait no more

The speed of what is ahead is drastic…be not concerned …I am in it and will be with you as you are forged ahead

Count on Me…saith the Lord to My children

Count on Me... Saith the Lord…to you My people

You will look and see…I have rapidly developed thee…saith the Lord”

Commentaries by Rev. Hogan

I heard in the word of a new level of maturity, for the mature that would come as a child once again to the Lord, and in our coming back to Him in this way, that He would release a new growth, a development of maturity that we’ve not known.

I saw a developing strategy to remove encumbrances for us at this time, being released that requires little to no personal involvement apart from faith.

I saw how humility at any point of our development in the Lord is key to our maturity.

He said: My plan is developing…I am developing you

We are His plan, the Lord is at work in the lives of all who will welcome His involvement, and respond in faith to His direction and instruction.

An invitation came to ears that can hear, to come into what the Lord is doing now on our behalf and according to His set times.

Prayerfully consider this invitation before the Lord, if there is a witness to you that this is from Him, then respond to Him in faith and you’ll not be disappointed.

"Soon...And Very Soon"

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December 31, 2007

The Word of the Lord to and Through
Rev. Janna Hogan “Tongues Of Fire Service” 2007 Jesus Is The Key Church

“Soon and very soon saith the Lord there will be an opening as you have not had before in all your lives and for many generations before you

I am speaking floods of refreshing rain to come upon you My people
I am about to wash over you with My water and carry you away from what the years of the past has done

A drenching…saith the Lord is about to come upon you
Look up…saith the Lord…for thy face shall see unequalled wonders which you have not seen before

Let Me speak…saith the Lord to the ears that will listen
Let Me speak to the hearts that are yielded and to the hungry who are seeking food from the Lord thy God

“See…I am the Bridge Builder Saith the Lord”

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July 15, 2007

The Word of the Lord to and Through
Rev. Janna Hogan 7.15.2007

“See…I am the Bridge Builder saith the Lord”

“See now…the bridges that I have there for you and all who look to Me…saith the Lord
Cross over the Bridge of forgiveness

See…my forgiveness…and come to Me and I will forgive
See…My mercy Bridge and cross over
See…My compassion is for you…My understanding…and that …I know your sum total…what you can and cannot do…or bear…or resist on your own

See…Truth that makes a way for you
Cross over from where you are…and come to Me…come into what you need from Me…I am your supplier…saith the Lord…you will never be left in the world with no way out…of what you find you are in there

“I Will Carry You…Saith the Lord"

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December 7, 2006

The Word of the Lord to and Through
Rev. Janna Hogan 12.07, 2006

“I will carry you…saith the Lord…I will lift you up in My arms and carry you over whatever comes…I am able to lift you saith the Lord and carry you over to My will…to love and bless you…in spite of all that seems to be going wrong…I am He that rights all wrongs …saith the Lord

I am He that carries My people from bondage to freedom…from sickness to healing…I am here to carry you…saith the Lord…

In My arms…I am gathering My own…there are now those who will not refuse Me

I’m here to take you over the troubled waters…and over the treacherous terrain of your generation…the wearing down to cause you to drown…I will not allow …saith the Lord

"Deposit...Deposit...Deposit... Saith The Lord"

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The Word of the Lord to and Through
Rev. Janna Hogan 11.1.2006

“Deposit…deposit your deposits saith the Lord. Give into what is taking place…that has been building in the heavenlies. Give what has been send to you to build you up…the investments that produce in and through you.

It’s time for deposits to be made towards my expressed purpose…which I have given you My Word of faith for. Come now…release the resources of heaven…invest the faith I have given to you through My seed…saith the Lord.

My communication has come with wealth saith the Lord. You have currency…now…it is your faith…deposit…make your deposits now…saith the Lord.

I am moving wealth…in every arena and realm of life. I am sending down My Word to initiate actions and transactions. You who are lead by My Spirit…listen to Me…saith the Lord. Take the spiritual substance… my currency…the wealth of the Lord your God that has been graced to you to grant you investment power towards what you have longed to see.

“Choose to the new perspective”

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Saturday, July 13, 2002

The Word of the Lord to and through
Rev. Janna Hogan 7.13.2002

“I would have you go to My Word concerning My perspective…then…go to My people and tell them how I…see things…so that…they can choose to see by the new perspective

My body needs to see…

Sight at this time…is essential for the flight that they must prepare for

Go to My Word…read it…share it…preach …My preacher…do not look to anyone or anything…not now…not ever…look to Me…saith the Lord

I am more than you have understood…come closer for the day of spiritual sight will be the only light that will be left in the hour that is ahead of you…

“Do Not Ignore Me...Saith the Lord”

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

The Word of the Lord to the Church through
Rev. Janna Hogan 5.29. 2002

“Do not ignore Me…saith the Lord…do not turn a deaf ear to Me…saith the Lord who speaks to His people

Hear what I am saying and give your ears to listen to My Word…for to you…My own… I have given a great anointing…but you have in your youth exercised an unrestrained will …to explode in ways that you yourself chose too

Because of My great love for you and because I have graced you with the anointing of the Holy Spirit…I have sent among you in everyplace…eyes to watch you…ears to hear you…for you have need of accountability
Do not ignore what I have done for you…for the time for childish things to come to an end is here…I will not use you to bring harm…but in truth I will use you to calm the waters

“Come to Me...for understanding”

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

The Word of the Lord to and through Rev. Janna Hogan 5.21.2002

“I want to tell… who I am… that they have not yet completely embraced…

They are running from one thing to another and going further and further out…in a search for where I am…where My power to save…to heal…to prosper them is…as they exert their effort in My vineyard
Tell them to come to me…for understanding of who I am…and what I would have them do…for…they find that seeking Me and the understanding of My will…too slow

Tell them…that they have slowed themselves up…by not receiving My explanation of Myself and My will for their lives

They are seeking what they want to find…that fits their carnal desires…and they are without knowledge

“Cross over...cross’s time to come over”

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Thursday, May 2, 2002

The Word of the Lord to the Church through
Rev. Janna Hogan 5.2.2002

“Cross over cross over…it’s time to come over…to give your all to Me…saith the Lord

Cross over cross over…it’s time to come all the way over…to what I have spoken…saith the Lord

I have made for thee…a bridge of My Word…to take you safely to all that I have promised