"Soon...And Very Soon"

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December 31, 2007

The Word of the Lord to and Through
Rev. Janna Hogan “Tongues Of Fire Service” 2007 Jesus Is The Key Church

“Soon and very soon saith the Lord there will be an opening as you have not had before in all your lives and for many generations before you

I am speaking floods of refreshing rain to come upon you My people
I am about to wash over you with My water and carry you away from what the years of the past has done

A drenching…saith the Lord is about to come upon you
Look up…saith the Lord…for thy face shall see unequalled wonders which you have not seen before

Let Me speak…saith the Lord to the ears that will listen
Let Me speak to the hearts that are yielded and to the hungry who are seeking food from the Lord thy God

Let Me speak …saith the Lord also to the dry bones…to the stiff necked…
to the walls and barricades that have been build up to hem in those I have created for My desire

Let Me speak to those who have made it hard for My children and those earnestly seeking Me…to come to Me…through their deception…through their condemnation and through their judgment in My name

Woe to them that have made the name of the Lord a bother and a brute force to scare the sinner…to manipulate men into repentance

I have something to say in this hour…saith the Lord
Your ears will hear and you will know it is I the Lord thy God that is speaking once again as I spoke in times past…to My own

Ears have been clogged and many have lost the fine tuning of their listening ear…for they sought after a word from anyone…and did not wait to hear from Me...saith the Lord

But…hear saith the Lord… to the honorable

I am here to speak …saith the Lord…I am here to utter certain sounds that you have not yet heard…and have not yet dared to ask for…yet it is My heart to grant unspeakable things to you My love

I will show you My power…will you look to see
I shall transform you in this hour…will you conform for others to see what I the Lord has done for you

I am here …saith the Lord in might and power
I have not dwindled as a fire would when neglected…saith the Lord

I am the Flame of Life…the all consuming Fire…I am about to burn the spirit of death away from My people who have chosen Life in Me

The sick shall be healed…the blind shall see and the dead shall be raised…saith the Lord

I am about…what I am about…Be not impatient …saith the Lord
I have waited for you for more than lifetimes of time

Come now and wait upon Me…saith the Lord
For soon and very soon…I shall change your heart and your sight
You shall…take on a new strength

Never before in your lives have you experienced for yourselves what I will do for the broken and contrite heart…in this hour

Be…thou willing saith the Lord
Meet with Me in your surrender as I am calling you out even now…saith the Lord

Break no more the fast of your love for Me…for this is the fast that I have called you to…an obedience to love…I am love…saith the Lord…be obedient to Me

Come…there is wine in the barrels where there was water
Come…there is honey where your enemy had placed bitter herbs

Who am I…saith the Lord that I will allow you to be taken from Me in any way
Nor shall you be…carried away as I stand and watch all that I have purposed to do through My Son for you

No…saith the Lord
I am speaking…let My people listen

I am calling you out from among the dead…from among the dead works you are still doing

I am calling you out from among the tid bit tasters and time wasters of your generation…they are forever choosing to run away from Me

You come…for there is a releasing coming down that is perfect for you…perfect for this hour…I am the Lord…My plan is perfect

Stand therefore before Me in the rain and under the spout…for surely as the Living God lives…I have spoken of My glory that I will pour out in Life as you have not seen before

You shall become the radiance of My glory… saith the Lord

As I poured out My Spirit in the past…I shall pour out My Spirit in this hour through My sons and daughters

I am making of you fountains…saith the Lord that will not be turned off or run dry as in the days past

I am making of you followers that will not slack off and back off…as has been the tales of many of the past

Let Me speak…saith the Lord
Tell My servants…to listen

Listen for Me…listen to Me…saith the Lord

I am hungry…for your hearts to be Mine…as Mine is yours
I am thirsty for you as I would have you be thirsty for Me

Come along My beautiful one…come along
The fig trees are ripe and the putting forth of the blooms are here
Come forth My beloved among all the people of the earth

I have chosen you for My own possession
I have laid claim to you through My Son and your Savior
I gave Him…Me…to take to you…to bring you back to Me
Come now forth …bone of My bones and flesh of My flesh

Listen…for the Lord thy God desires you to hear of love that has no ending
Love that supports…holds…and covers beyond all borders and limits
Come and listen for you have need of this love of Mine to be made more manifest in you

I will show you and share with you how love…My love for you has created you and formed you…and protected you and healed you and guided you
I will let you see in part the power of My love to watch over you

I desire that you come to know My greatness…to partake of Me…saith the Lord…to be like Me…My beloved among the people of the world

I have sent forth My light and My salvation to drive out the darkness and save you from the deceiver

Come…to Me saith the Lord for I am about to open My treasures to you and add brilliance and luster in love…compassion…mercy and grace upon you

I am aware of the times…I have seen of all the generations of men before there was one…saith the Lord

I have waited patiently for My expression to be made known…through My own

The time is come …saith the Lord
You must begin to shine now as never before
I am…lighting up the lamps
It is I the Lord who has given thee…the oil

In your place…I will perfect you

Come to me…bask in My presence…sit before Me reverentially…I am the Lord

Lay thyself out upon the alter of My will…stay low for…I am the Lord

Humble thyself before My mighty hand for…I am the Lord who will exalt thee

Never has there been such urgency among men to have their way…to take control of the lands of all the earth

They that are prowling now…have brought darkness and contamination over the nations

I will move through you and swat the swarming flies and the locust
I will move through you and push back the dark storm clouds of devastation
I am…the Lord and you are My people
My power…is now being perfected in you
An enduing of great strength and power…is coming upon you

My fire is as no other
No one will force an end to what I have created
No one will rob Me of my day before the world through you whom I have ransomed out of the world

Arise …shine for thy light has come and in this hour…you shall see the glory of the Lord has risen up on thee…saith the Lord”