Stay With Me...My Love Do Not Betray Me...Saith The Lord

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May 10, 2011

The Word of the Lord to and Through Rev. Janna Hogan May 10, 2011
Released at Jesus Is The Key Church May 15, 2011

“Leave yourselves and your cares and come away with Me on the journey that narrows now

Too much of the world has come into the church and many are accepting what they are to reject

Come…and let us stay together more tightly now…least your ears be tickled with what seems to be energizing…and through your weariness in well doing…you too be carried away by doctrines of the present church…rather than be directed by My Word

What has come from unknown sources is a dilution unlike you have yet seen

Even the elect who were fastened to me…are beginning to show signs of neutrality…a loosening of their grip

What is not of Me…but made to sound like Me…is pollution and is intended to muddy the waters of Truth in the confused minds of many of My people

Contamination brings all forms of disease and the spreading of it will produce no good for anyone…including those who carry such deadly viruses…and say they are of Me

I will not allow the hearing ear and the heart that understands to be infiltrated without a warning from Me…saith the Lord

These are treacherous times

Role reversals have brought great confusion and the power to engage authority from each position for success…is no longer being delegated as it should be

I am the Lord Thy God who gives My people power to do as I say and to righteously invest what I have given to them…on My behalf

No one who stands positioned by their choosing to use a grant of My power according to My will and refuses to be harnessed to My will and their positioning…will have My power to perform My works

Stay with Me …My love

Give not up thy scared place with Me to others

Have One love…as I have for you

Do not betray Me…saith the Lord

Be instead among those who stayed with Me to the end

As it was…so shall it be…in the last days

See to it that you do not join in a betrayal of Me…and the Word of My Fathers will that My Spirit has left for you…through those anointed to draw a map and a roadway for you to follow

Lift thy right foot from the path that leads to the most despised position for created man to be found in

My beloved…do not betray Me

Sell Me not out for the love of the world…or to the desires of your untamed human heart

Be not as the wild unruly bush…be My flower…in the desert

Be My fragrance…with pure intoxication

Add nothing to what is pure…to work through temptation

Like a cool drink from the spring…where pure waters flow…
remain uncontaminated My love

I come to you to give you caution…to alert you…for My eye is ever on you …My beloved bride

Thy left foot…will follow the right

Go forth from all places and all means of contamination

I have told you…of the path of peace…and a simple life of faith

Do not make your lives harder…than life is now…My children

I am watching you…with love…with understanding and compassion

I am here to forgive and give all…a way back to the straight and narrow road

Lift up thy right foot and place it down on the path I have called you to

A path of love…a life to be lived obedient to the Truth…and your left foot and all that is in you…. in thoughts and intentions of your hearts…will follow

I am in you to lead you…follow Me…saith the Lord”.