“The Bible On Parade” Is A United Gift Of Love From The Participating Church

The nations of the world have campaigns that vary, we the body of Christ have one.

Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”
“Our Campaign…is to Proclaim”

“The Bible On Parade”, scheduled for December 2nd is a way that we implement our campaign together.

Through “The Bible On Parade”, we take the people back to bible times, with banners, floats, drama, praise and worship on the streets, a joyous demonstration, calling out to the Lord in prayer as we go, reaching out to our community.

Each Registered Participating Church/Ministry/Group or individual believer does a theme from a book of the Bible. Expressions can be as simple as someone to proclaim, in costume, verses from the book they represent. Some have resources to present a more involved effort with floats, sound systems and props. We also need 2 people from your group to carry the Bible Banner (we provide the banner). All participants must be in Bible time costume. Simple costumes can be made with no sewing, instructions available upon request.

The Parade closes with Revelation; “The Bride” is the last float. Spectators are invited to join behind her as we pied piper them back for an evangelistic celebration “A birthday party for Jesus”. The message of the gospel is presented, with an alter call. We give Christian gifts to the children, and bibles. “Free” hot dogs, cake and drinks, for all.

There is no charge for anything and nothing is sold at this event.

We do not have a registration fee to participate, however we do ask that you sow a seed toward the expenses.

Without you, your church, the picture of unity in Jesus Christ will not be properly developed for the lost to see.

Many travel to conferences to sit under the Word, it’s time that we travel to take the Word to the world.

No matter where you are located within the County, State, Country, or in other Nations, you can participate and support this event.


Pastors/Leaders/Representatives are invited to come to a one hour, 12-1pm, complimentary, informative and inspiring luncheon held at: Jesus Is The Key Church, 2008 Pineapple Ave, Melbourne, in regards to “The 28th Annual Christian Christmas Procession”, “The Bible On Parade” 2017. For luncheon dates remaining and to RSVP please call 321-773-1489. You can also email us at or give us a call to discuss registering to participate.

Connecting Counties

If you will be in need of overnight accommodations to join us for a meeting or to participate in December email us and we will get that information to you.

Out Of State & Country

If you have a heart to participate with us here in Florida and can’t come before the day of the Parade, you can still participate with us. You can unite with us in prayer. We can also place you and or your group in the Parade, giving you all the information, instruction and logistics that are necessary via e-mail. If the Lord leads you to come, let nothing stand in your way. You are needed here.

Every believer can participate in prayer and support.

Please get the word out to other churches, ministries and believers; all can participate in one way or another.

It’s time to proclaim, in Jesus name.